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First leg of the trip – complete!

Howdy from lovely Newark Airport, where I will be spending the next 5 plus hours.

Yesterday was a good last day in the USA (till August, that is). I cooked, finished watching season 2 of Merlin on Netflix, did some yard work, and then when David went home, we went to see Green Lantern. Better than I expected – and for $4 a ticket, it was a nice vacation for my brain. It had a lot of loopholes and such, but I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece anyway.

After that we went to GreekFest for dinner. The food was awesome, and we got an interesting tour of the Greek Orthodox church.

Then home for final packing adjustments and to bed. 3:10 am came very quickly, and after a shower we were off to the airport. I could hae slept a little longer since the place was a ghost town – see for yourself:

The Kansas City airport at 4:30 am

Notice how many people were there when I got there. I waited about 15 minutes before anyone actually came to work at the ticket counter (of course all the shops were closed), and after a 3 minute check in process, I went to the gate, and this is what I saw:

This is the security area/ gate entry at 4:30 am

I found out that the TSA folk don’t show up untill 5, so I had more waiting time, more practice for my time at Newark I suppose.

Then into the gate, with dreams of caffeine, but NO, the concession kiosk wasn’t going to open till 7 am, so that had to wait till the flight.
At 6 am I got onto the tiniest airplane I have ever been on – 3 seats across, overhead bins only on one side,and seats that make a balance beam seem wide, but hey, it was only 2 1/2 hours of flight, so I dealt with it.
Turbulance out of Kansas City, then smooth sailing, and Continental serves Coke Zero, and I got a whole can!
On the flight I discovered the first item I forgot at home, so no ipod, did puzzles instead.
$20 for earbuds, and $2.75 for a diet coke (The airport does NOT have coke Zero), $6.95 for 24 hours of internet connection, and here I am, waiting for my flight to Tel Aviv.
Time to play some games on the computer, and hope that like the planes, time flies here as well.
See you all in Israel!

Branson – AKA Redneck Disney

The big Chicken and me (I'm the one in front)

So this is me in Branson, and the big chicken kind of sums it up. Its like Wisconsin Dells with a drawl, and it was fun to go there ONCE.

We left Sunday morning, after mowing the yard. It was about a 4 hour drive (with stops), and after eating breakfast at Sonic on the way, and lunch at Sonic when we got there. We had some time to kill, since my parents got held up by traffic in Saint Louis and were running late, so we took the tour of Stone Hill Winery, which was lame, but at least we got free samples. I have to say that for a winery that won thousands of national and international awards, I was not impressed. They do have a sweet wine called Jaquess (or JackAss – wine with a  kick) that wasn’t bad, but the rest was meh. The “jokes” told by the tour guide were tired, but the place was air conditioned and we had the time to kill.

When my parents arrived, we checked into the studio apartment at the timeshare resort that they were booked in. The place was nice, but David and I had to sleep on a hide a bed.

David and my mom on what will become our bed.


After check in, we went to see the Hollywood wax museum, which would have been ok if it was $5-8 a ticket, but it cost us over $70 for the 4 of us to get in, including a coupon, and senior discounts for my parents. I did learn that Toto made more money per day than the munchkins did…

Later we went to Walmart to get some stuff for my parents. The Walmart in Branson is like a theme park based on the “People of Walmart” website, and was extremely amusing, and we left with a sense of superiority that they didn’t even charge us for!

Dinner at a Chinese buffet, chit chat with my parents and a very unrestful night on the hide a bed ended day one in Branson. I did finish the first Sookie Stackhouse , but thats a different blog post.

The next day we just relaxed in the morning and then went to a lunch/lets try to upsell the old folks. It was 2 hours of Fazoli, and misinformation. My parents didn’t buy any more “points” and got a lame coupon book out of it.

We drove around Branson to see what the place was really all about – the answer – Redneck Heaven! Its where hasbeens go to be idolized, and dignity goes to die.

There are however amazing views that I am guessing most visitors miss out on, but we went to the scenic overlook, and took some pictures.

Me and my parents and the view of the area around Branson

Then we went to the Chicken restaurant from the first picture for a late lunch/Early dinner, and then it was time for David and me to head home.

The drive home was uneventful, and went by quicker than we expected, and so ended our Branson vaca.

It is Tuesday, and I leave for Israel in 4 days and David leaves in 31 days, and thats when the REAL vacation happens!


Experiment with pictures

So tomorrow is the trip to Branson, and today was just another running around day. I figured it would be a great opportunity to try and post my first picture, and heres the story that goes with it –

After farmers market in the morning, and some shopping for gifts for the nieces (with a stop at Old Navy) we came home, and David got bored, so he surfed retail websites. He found this shirt at Walmart that was so trashy, that I just had to have it. We went to WallyWorld, because it was another reason to get out of the house, and I got the shirt – It is so extremely trashy, and so much fun, and for a mere $9 plus tax it is now mine.

How trashy is it?  Judge for yourself:

This shirt was so trashy, I just HAD to have it!

Let me know what you think, I love comments, and they are rare on my blog so far…

Am I a slug or what?

Yesterday was my birthday, and an exciting birthday it was… or not. I started the morning teaching child psychology and development to camp staffers. (and by the morning I mean 1 hour). Then after killing some time at the JCC went to lunch at Red Robin (yummmm) with David, Shelley, Matt and Molly. Then  home to make dinner, dinner, some TV, and that was the big birthday celebration… For the record, as of now, 44 feels no different than 43.

Today I was even more of a slug. If I had a dollar for everything I could have done, but didn’t, I could upgrade my seats on the flight to Israel and back to first class. Oh well. That all changed after David got home. We went to dinner at Sweet Tomatoes – and the “eat too much cuz its a buffet” balances out with  “at least it was healthy food for the most case” (all those birthday BOGO coupons I got in my email sure do come in handy), shopped at Old Navy – I now have 3 more shirts and another pair of shorts to take to Israel with me, and David also got 2 shirts. Don’t judge – I had to spend $50 to be able to use the $10 coupon I got in my email for my birthday, so shopping was an economic thing to save money. (Yes, I know, it makes more sense if you don’t think about it)

Then to the Plaza to walk off all the food, and with the Plaza comes more shopping – 2 hats and a pair of shorts for David at the Men’s store of Forever 21, nothing at the Gap or Banana Republic (maybe at the outlets at the Legends this weekend), a book of puzzles for the plane at Barnes and Nobles, and some soap and hand sanitizer at Bath and Body Works.

And just in case we walked and shopped off too many calories, we ended the plaza walk at Starbucks  one for the road.

Now we are home, David is getting a new pair of glasses, and I am returning to my slug ways, waiting for an email from my dad with the address of where they are staying in Branson, MO – cuz we are going to visit them there Sunday and Monday – never been,  so I am sure I’ll actually have something to blog about after that trip – and there will be pictures too – I almost promise!

Monday, Monday

And the weekend is officially over, but that means that I only have 12 days till my flight, and David only has 39.

Today is looking to be a nothing day – I have to go to the Holiday Inn where we had our Shabbat retreat to pick up some clothes (clean) that I left there. Good thing the retreat was in town. Work out, clean the kitchen and do some cooking. I am going to make sure that David has plenty of food prepared, so that he doesn’t have to worry about anything like that in the 4 weeks I am in Israel, and he is still here.

On the menu – Lasagna, Mediterranean Kugel, egg salad, tuna salad, and a whole lot of chicken cooked in various ways. If anyone has any other suggestions of things that I can make in bulk, and then freeze portions, I would be thankful! (I did already make Kabobs – mediterranean meatballsie kinds of things).

Yesterday was a good TV day since The Glades, and Next Food Network Star began their new seasons, so they are DVRd for us to watch at some point. I will miss both those shows while I am in Israel, but I guess I can handle that – I’ll just have some Ice Cream from Iceberg, or maybe some yummy Egyptian food at Julie’s in Kerem HaTeymanim to make up for it! (hmmmm seems food is a theme today – or everyday)

I guess I should let the dogs out and start this day of wonder and excitement!

Maybe I’ll add on some stuff later.

SO I decided to blog…


My name is Danny, and I live in the metropolis of Kansas City (Kansas of course), with my partner David. Lots of things are going on in our lives – David is beginning the process of converting to Judaism, and we are looking at moving to Israel – He as a new immigrant, and me as a returning citizen.

This summer I am going to Israel to visit, and take a class, and David will be joining me for his first visit there ever. To make things even better, the whole family is capping off the summer with a Mediterranean cruise, so if nothing else, we will have great pictures for the blog.

I am a teacher, and a big dork, and being such, decided to share my live with the blogosphere. I am going to share what is going on on my life, and our preparations for our big move to Israel which will take place in a few years.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome!