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Bring Gilad home now!

Gilad Shalit

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the capture (read kidnapping) of Gilad Shalit.

Gliad was an Israeli soldier on patrol near the Gaza strip. His patrol was attacked by Hamas troops and he was taken by them to an unknown location.

He has been there for 5 years today, with little signs of life, and nothing in almost 2 years.,7340,L-4086742,00.html

The Red Cross is not allowed to visit him, the UN is not allowed to visit him, and there are rumors that he has been snuck out of Gaza and into Iran or some other Arab country sympathetic to Hamas.

Now, being a soldier, one could argue that Shalit was a legitimate target, and that being a soldier, he has no expectation of safety. Even so, he is being held in conditions that are not in accordance to the Geneva convention, he was not involved in an act of (direct) hostility, and the event in which he was captured was planned and initiated by Hamas to get an Israeli captive.

Israel is also not helping the situation, by refusing to negotiate with Hamas, since they are a terrorist organization, who not only will not recognize Israel’s right to exist in and borders, but actively seeks the destruction of the State of Israel.

I call on the leadership of Hamas to allow contact with Gilad Shalit, and to improve his conditions while in captivity, and I call on the leadership of Israel to open negotiations with Hamas despite their clear Anti-Israel goals.

You don’t make peace with friends, you do so with enemies, and Gilad Shalit is not a principal, he is a person. He is suffering, his family is suffering, and the people of Israel who care about him are suffering.

We were at his family’s tent/vigil in front of the Israeli prime minister’s home today, and there was a sign there that said:

גלעד הבן של כולנו

Gilad is the son of all of us.

Both sides of the conflict are to blame, and he, and the rest of us are being used by pawns by the leaders who are digging in their heels, and refuse to talk – a method of tantrums worthy of a 5 year old.

And speaking of 5 year olds, that is the age of Gilad’s captivity. ISn’t it time to bring him home?

I  pray for solace for Gilad and his Family, and their reunification soon, I pray for leadership that is strong enough to be pragmatic, and make the tough and painful choices and concessions, but most of all I pray for peace for the Israeli mother waiting for her child, the Palestinian mother waiting for her child to come home, and for the whole world.




A little bit about politics.

I will start off saying that I don’t think that posting your junk on twitter is a brilliant thing to do, but it also isn’t something that should force someone to lose his job, and yes I am referring to the Anthony Weiner case.

That said, I do have a few addendum to that:

* What Anthony “twitter”  Weiner did was no different from what Chris “craigslist” Lee did, so if you called for his resignation (Dems) then you should call for Weiner’s resignation. If you thought Lee should keep his job (Repubs) you should think that Weiner should keep his job. Anything else is just plain political hypocrisy in my book.

* Weiner’s bigger sin in my book is the 10 day media circus where he lied upon lies claiming he was hacked, that the picture was photoshopped or whatever. As a firebrand politician, with a sharp wit, he should have used that wit to be honest, and this whole thing would have blown over.

* I would expect our politicians to get with the program. In a world where nothing is really secret, and news media/bloggers get info out to the world in a matter of seconds, anything that you do, especially on line will probably be exposed, and the more powerful or famous you are, the faster that will happen.  After so many politicians were busted for sex scandals, you would think that the rest would show some restraint, or at least discretion. For that alone, the ones who didn’t learn the lesson deserve what they get.

I wish that Weiner could stick around to continue to champion progressive causes, but I think that his decision to resign was the first smart thing he did since this whole mess started.

I know that it is naive to hope for honest, upstanding politicians that I can look up to, but I do.