Monthly Archives: December 2011

Blogging again

My partner, David is in the process of converting to Judaism, and part of that process for him, is writing a blog. It can be found at if you are interested in reading about him.

David in Monte Carlo getting ready to do his best Evita impersonation

Anyway, since he is so diligent about blogging, I figured I should too, and reconnect with my blog, since I had such high hopes of updating it regularly.

So David goes to conversion class every Thursday evening, and I go with him – I teach the advanced Hebrew section, which is the first half hour of the class, and then stay for the Rabbi lesson. It is hit or miss as to how interesting or useful it is, depending on the topic of the wee, and the Rabbi teaching it, but it is rarely a “how to” lesson, and more of an academic look at Judaism.

As we go through this process together, I came to the realization that while I am very Jewish (not religious) in my public life, the outward expressions of Judaism in the home are minimal. We decided to change that, and live as Jews (again, more cultural and spiritual, versus more religious), and so we are avoiding bringing blatantly non kosher foods into the house, and this week we also lit Shabbat candles for the first time in forever.  As I sit here typing we are listening to Hanukkah music instead of to one of the bazillion Christmas CDs that David has amassed over the years.

I am finding that I like this new found togetherness in spirituality, and it is happening at a time that is right for the both of us. I would never ask anyone to convert for me, as I would never appreciate anyone asking me to convert for them, but this came from David, and at a time that I am getting more and more ready to return to Israel and work as a tour guide/educator there. (Again, the move was prompted by David’s desire to make Aliyah).

All the pieces are falling into place, and it is a very exciting time in our lives. The timing of everything seems to be leading us to our future.

As we approach Hanukkah, a celebration of miracles, I am constantly reminded that miracles happen around us each and every day, and even if they are mundane things that can easily explained by science, the fact that their timeing is so perfect makes those small things indeed miraculous!

Wishing you all a season, no, a life of miracles!