Back on line!

Ok, seminar is over, and I will have a stable internet connection for most of the rest of my trip, so I will be able to catch you up on my journey.

I also had to deal with a little Verizon issue – about a week into the trip I got a panicked email from David letting me know that I got  charged $1070 for data roaming charges on my phone. So you know, I didn’t use my phone at all, but did have it on a bit to find phone numbers and emails from my contact  list.

Also important to mention, we went to the Verizon store a few days before I left to see if I could get some international plan so I could have a phone while I am here. The answer was that I could not use my phone as a phone while I was here, and that it would basically turn into a tablet and connect to WiFi, but that I couldn’t use it as a phone.

Wrong info – when I got here my aps started trying to update, and so while I was oblivious to all this, through passive use I was bouncing offers all over the place and getting charged  over $20 per kilobyte or something like that – crazy, right?

So David contacted verizon international who would only verify that the charges were  legit, and at the verizon store, since the bill was closed for the month, there was nothing they could do.

I contacted the store that I went to, and got a message that indeed I got information that was not complete, and that they should have told me how to shut off roaming capabilities, but that I needed to contact customer service.

I finally managed to talk to someone who was extremely understanding and helpful yesterday, and she said that I should not be held responsible for getting incorrect and/or incomplete information, and is going to credit us the WHOLE amount as soon as they get word from the store that I visited, which should be no problem, since I also emailed her the message that I go from the store.

I am happy to say that Verizon does indeed have customer service, that the person I spoke to was knowledgeable, helpful and spoke perfect English, and that she actually did everything she could to help make things simple for me.

Thank you Verizon for putting me before a $1070 profit, and for treating me as a valued customer!

I think I’ll celebrate with a beer when I get to Tel Aviv tonight!

In the mean time here are a few pictures from my trip

The first picture is of what was left of the first dinner on the trip – TOO MUCH SHAWARMA!

The second is of some of the people on the trip with me, in the Cardo in the Jewish Quarter of the old City of Jerusalem

The third is an arch over the street in the Jewish Quarter of the old city of Jerusalem.


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Just a guy in Kansas City, counting down the days (and months and years) till he moves to Israel. Teacher, educator, Jew, partnered, gay, smartass and average Joe, sharing his advantures and misadvantures with whoever wants to read them. View all posts by dannykck

One response to “Back on line!

  • QS

    Nice photos! I’m glad that Verizon got things taken care of for you. I went to Canada recently and had to turn my data off to avoid roaming charges. I escaped Toronto with only $25 in charges, so I’m happy with that. If I’d gotten almost $1,100 like you did, I’d stroke out right there on my Verizon floor and die.

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