Israel Day 2 – Tel Aviv June 20th

After sleeping well, we woke up and had a great Israeli breakfast of fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese and pita bread.

Eva's first breakfast in Israel, Jordan's apartment

We started the day by realxing and strolling through the shuk again. Forn Eva, this time was less overwhelming, and she got a chance to actually take in the smells and the sights (not to mention the noise).

Next we walked to the Azrieli Mall, and wondered around, not buying much, but enjoying the air conditioning and the many Israeli stores. Eva even found a dreidel that she liked, but the price was $400ish which put it a little out of her budget.

We enjoyed a yummy shawarma lunch at the food court at Azrieli, and then went to the offices of the ministry of interior, so that I could renew my Israeli passport – it would expire only a few days later, so I needed to get that done. Filled out the paperwork, paid 265 NIS, and was told to return Sunday to pick up the new passport… easy quick, and less then a US Passport. (265 shekel is about $75)
We then walked through Sarona, a former German Templer colony, built in the Bauhaus style. The neighborhood was abandned and fallen into disrepair, so the municipality of Tel Aviv took it upon itself to fix it up, and preserve the buildings. The process is still going on, but its cool to see:

Sarona, the former German, Templar colony, Tel Aviv

We returned to Jordan’s place to rest, and pack, since we had to be in Jerusalem at 8:30 the next morning, which meant leaving Tel Aviv no later than 7, which meant a very early wake up. We rested a bit, and then since it is National Book Month, and there was a week long book fair at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, we decided to go look for books.
Eva found one, I didn’t buy anything but we enjoyed the crowd, and the celebration of literacy:

Tel Aviv book fair

We returned to Jordan’s place, had a light dinner, and then my sister and her family, my brother, and Yinon came for coffee and fruit/cookies. It was a fun evening, and when they left, we went to bed, since the 5:30 alarm wasn’t going to wait for us. Tomorrow, Jerusalem!


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