Israel 1 – Tel Aviv

We arrived in Israel on Sunday, June 19th at 9:30 in the morning. Getting through border control, luggage and customs was a breeze, and we were on the 10:50 train to Tel Aviv.

We got to Tel Aviv, and took a cab to Kerem HaTeimanim, where my brother’s apartment is. He left the keys with Julie, a proprietor of a fantastic Egyptian-Jewish restaurant, so of course we had to have lunch. I had a stuffed , and spicy fish balls (insert giggles here) with rice, beans and salad. Eva, the teacher who came here for the seminar with me couldn’t finish her food, much to Julie’s chagrin, but I made a happy plate. Got the keys, but my sister forgot to leave me the cell phone, no biggie, I had skype. Walked around the corner to my brothers apartment, and settled in for a bit, only to discover that his WiFi was disconnected. Guess that I didn’t have skype after all, and that I would be completely off the grid for a few days. After a bit of panicking, I got over it, and got ready to move on with my trip.

So, we went to the market, and then to the beach – see for yourselves!

At the beach, looking at Tel AvivAt the beach, don't you wish you were here?After the beach we went to Dizengoff Center - the first Mall in Tel Aviv, and I bought some Israeli music, and Ice cream from Vagnilia. Halva and passion fruit ice cream - YUM! Then a visit to Gan Meir Park, and back to the market to buy some produce for breakfast - 2 tomatoes, and 2 cucumbers for less than $1 (combined), some feta cheese, pita bread, delicious olives and yogurt.Fallafel for dinner, and then back to Jordan's place. Jordan came to visit (He moved in with his partner and is giving up the apartment at the end of July), and we went walking down Rothschild boulevard. (these are pictures from my last visit, but they will give you an idea of how cool the boulevard is) The pride of Rothschild Blvd

The koi pond
The pond on Rothschild

I got to visit Jordan’s new place, decorated by his partner. Yinon (the partner) loves minimalism and clean lines – the place is so white, the KKK could use it as their HQ, but hey, to each his own!

Was back at the apartment at 10ish, and went to bed, to get ready for the next day, and all that Tel Aviv has to offer.

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Just a guy in Kansas City, counting down the days (and months and years) till he moves to Israel. Teacher, educator, Jew, partnered, gay, smartass and average Joe, sharing his advantures and misadvantures with whoever wants to read them. View all posts by dannykck

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