Back on line

Ok, I am finally back on line, so I can update my blog… When I got here I found out that my Brother’s apartment was no longer hooked up to WiFi, so I had no internet connection. 2 days later, both my brother and brother in law tried to connect me to broadband and did something to mess up my computer, so that when I got to the Hotel in Jerusalem I could connect to the LAN, but not get out to the internet. That is fixed, and here I am back, and ready to blog.

Its been a great 5 days in Israel, after a long and boring flight – as soon as we took off the lights and entertainment system crashed, which meant no individual lights, so as soon as the cabin lights went out, we were in the dark, and couldn’t read. Worse than that, no movies, games or music. Not fun at all!

The seminar has been hectic, and we got a lot done already, with very little down time, but tomorrow is a light day, and so is Saturday, so I will be giving a play by play, day by day account of the trip then. In the mean time, here are few teaser pictures for your enjoyment:

My Feet in the Mediterranean

The water was great!

Too… Much… Shawarma!


Jerusalem is truly a wonderful and beautiful city

This is a rooftop view of the old city of Jerusalem, looking at the Church of the Holy Seplachur

Thats all for now, I promise lots more pictures, and a much more detailed account of what we have been up to, needless to say I am having an amazing time!

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Just a guy in Kansas City, counting down the days (and months and years) till he moves to Israel. Teacher, educator, Jew, partnered, gay, smartass and average Joe, sharing his advantures and misadvantures with whoever wants to read them. View all posts by dannykck

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