First leg of the trip – complete!

Howdy from lovely Newark Airport, where I will be spending the next 5 plus hours.

Yesterday was a good last day in the USA (till August, that is). I cooked, finished watching season 2 of Merlin on Netflix, did some yard work, and then when David went home, we went to see Green Lantern. Better than I expected – and for $4 a ticket, it was a nice vacation for my brain. It had a lot of loopholes and such, but I wasn’t expecting a masterpiece anyway.

After that we went to GreekFest for dinner. The food was awesome, and we got an interesting tour of the Greek Orthodox church.

Then home for final packing adjustments and to bed. 3:10 am came very quickly, and after a shower we were off to the airport. I could hae slept a little longer since the place was a ghost town – see for yourself:

The Kansas City airport at 4:30 am

Notice how many people were there when I got there. I waited about 15 minutes before anyone actually came to work at the ticket counter (of course all the shops were closed), and after a 3 minute check in process, I went to the gate, and this is what I saw:

This is the security area/ gate entry at 4:30 am

I found out that the TSA folk don’t show up untill 5, so I had more waiting time, more practice for my time at Newark I suppose.

Then into the gate, with dreams of caffeine, but NO, the concession kiosk wasn’t going to open till 7 am, so that had to wait till the flight.
At 6 am I got onto the tiniest airplane I have ever been on – 3 seats across, overhead bins only on one side,and seats that make a balance beam seem wide, but hey, it was only 2 1/2 hours of flight, so I dealt with it.
Turbulance out of Kansas City, then smooth sailing, and Continental serves Coke Zero, and I got a whole can!
On the flight I discovered the first item I forgot at home, so no ipod, did puzzles instead.
$20 for earbuds, and $2.75 for a diet coke (The airport does NOT have coke Zero), $6.95 for 24 hours of internet connection, and here I am, waiting for my flight to Tel Aviv.
Time to play some games on the computer, and hope that like the planes, time flies here as well.
See you all in Israel!

About dannykck

Just a guy in Kansas City, counting down the days (and months and years) till he moves to Israel. Teacher, educator, Jew, partnered, gay, smartass and average Joe, sharing his advantures and misadvantures with whoever wants to read them. View all posts by dannykck

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